A Typical Day in Haikou

Today is the first day to attempt a post here. This is the second time, this year, for me to be in Haikou. Last time, was during the Chinese New Year which is a cold winter season. Now it is hot in the 30’s and steamy, with not much rain about, although the forecast often predicts there will be. Coming from the cold southern winter of Australia, it has taken me at least a week to adapt. Once, I tried to go walk- about in the middle of the day and it was exhausting. So, I found the best thing to do, is to reserve my energy by rising up early in the morning, to do any necessary housework, such as washing clothes or the floor. Also, it’s better to do the shopping in the opening hours after 8am so there isn’t a crowd of people. During the middle of the day, is better for resting, then go out again for a walk or trip when the sun goes down.
This morning, I took the challenge to face the traffic, on my bicycle and weave in and out of the people. To get across the main roads at the crossings, I walked beside my bike, until the road was clear on the side, and pedalled down to the bay, along the coast to Wanlu Park. Was very pleasant there, amongst shady trees, and singing birds. I rode all around the paths, and passed a few different groups of local people, doing traditional things such as playing music with instruments, dancing, taichi, and even the waltz. I even walked up a bridge, and rode along the water edge towards the Century Bridge, then back through the middle of the park, to the main road that has a bicycle and motor bike path, although the people walk on it instead of the walking path beside it. It sometimes became congested with cars, especially across an entry to a gate on the side. I safely, arrived back to my apartment after a couple hours.
In the afternoon, when the property pool finally opens at 3pm, I can try for a refreshing swim, except the water is very warm, but least I can feel free to do some laps.